Sarah is a recent UCSC graduate,  having studied fine arts and art history.  She operates mainly in the realm of 2-D art, with a concentration on painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her work centers around people, with an emphasis on music and influenced by album artwork.


She worked 3 years in an IT office on campus, helping people fix their computers and troubleshoot their internet connectivity. Currently, Sarah is working and hopes to gain more experience in graphic design and digital arts.

(See my CV and Bio page for my professional experience)

tidbits of info


As seen in her work, Sarah is a lover of music, considering it an art in and of itself. She is an avid fan of the Beatles and Radiohead, which often crop up in her work. Most of Sarah's prints will draw from songs and album/record artwork, as this art form is especially efficient in the form of text and mark-making.


Sarah grew up in the small town of Riverbank, CA. Her parents are unofficial artists, and have remained supportive of their daughter both in her artwork and her education. Her brother is a graphic designer/video game designer working in San Francisco. Sarah completed her  first art show in 2013 as a Senior Project in High School, and has since been living in Santa Cruz and attending UCSC going on 4 years. Her education and life there have greatly influenced her as a person and an artist. At the moment, she is thrilled to have the  opportunity to learn art forms such as printmaking and traditional painting from experienced professors. The beautiful campus and living in an atmosphere of cultural diversity is equally stimulating for her work.


Sarah has loved to read from a young age, being a big fan of the Harry Potter books. She is also particularly fond of the works of Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, and Douglas Adams, and JRR Tolkien. As such, some of Sarah's work often takes on an illustrative feel. Much of her graphic work (prints, paintings, drawings) will often draw from these types of illustrations.


-Graphic design and digital media

-Irwin Scholar Work



Coming soon:

-Abstract paintings

-Landscape paintings