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Sarah graduated UC Santa Cruz in 2017,  having studied fine arts and art history.  She operates mainly in the realm of 2-D art, with a concentration on painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her work centers around people, with an emphasis on music and influenced by album artwork.


Sarah currently works for ITS at UC Santa Cruz, and lives in South San Francisco.

(See CV and Bio page for professional experience)

tidbits of info


As seen in her work, Sarah is a lover of music. She is an avid fan of the Beatles and Radiohead, which often crop up in her work. Most of Sarah's prints will draw from songs and album/record artwork.


Sarah grew up in the small town of Riverbank, CA. Her parents are artists themselves and instilled a great love of drawing and painting in their daughter.


Her education and roots have greatly influenced her as a person and an artist. Currently, the natural beauty and atmosphere of diversity of Santa Cruz and the Bay Area is equally stimulating for her work.


Sarah has loved to read from a young age, being a big fan of fantasy series such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. As such, some of Sarah's work draws from illustrative and fantasy styles. Much of her graphic work (prints, paintings, drawings) will often draw from these types of illustrations.


-Graphic design and digital media

-Irwin Scholar Work



Coming soon:

-Abstract paintings

-Landscape paintings

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